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There are several ways that you can help us to help kids. You can help through financial donations, equipment donations, target sponsorships or just a few good old fashioned prayers. You can also consider volunteering to help Benefit4Kids through one of our volunteer programs. Take a moment to fill out the volunteer form below if you are interested in helping in any way. Also take a few minutes to tell a friend about who we are and what we do. Sometimes a few good words can be the greatest gift of all. No matter how you choose to help all of us at Benefit4Kids would like to thank you for your kindness.


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Ways to help Benefit4Kids


B4K Needs Physical Support


Well, the fact of the matter is that the B4K organization is an entity unlike many other organizations. There is no membership population to rely on. We have put a lot of pride in being a 100% volunteer organization. This allows for the MAXIMUM return on investment when pretty close to 100% of every dollar donated goes DIRECTLY TO THE KIDS!


We are different in many ways from other organizations. As an example we don't have club members to assign tasks to and require event attendance as part of their membership dues. We rely solely on our past/current board of directors.


Life changes happen to everyone. The same can be said for those currently involved with B4K. Events in career, health, & relationships sometimes have to take precedence in a person's life. Please don't misunderstand us here, we are all in it for the long haul. We need new members to teach and mentor, to help "carry the torch" so to speak.


Think about this for a moment. With the unfortunate loss of their youngest child, our founding president along with his wife searched their broken hearts in an effort to help ease the pain with the loss of their daughter Amy. You see, Amy was a bright, loving, passionate, heart warming person that put a smile on the face of pretty much anyone she made contact with. She was very outgoing and always loved to assist or help anyone in any way she possibly could. Amy had a passion for the outdoors that was infectious. It was never to cold, to windy, to early or to late to strap on a pair of boots and head outdoors!


Steve and April found that there may be no better way to honor Amy than to pass on her passion for people and the outdoors. What better way than to put a smile on a deserving face and use the great outdoors to do it. They decided to put on a small little event to try to raise a few bucks for a deserving child in honor of "Amy Sue Daisy Pray", by using her favorite outdoor activity. The Prays decided to throw a benefit archery shoot and outdoor auction to accomplish that task. 


Who would have thought that the "1st Annual Amy Pray Memorial Shoot" held in 1998 would springboard "Benefit4Kids" to what it is today, now 20 years later. Benefit4Kids and it's supporters have helped hundreds of deserving kids, possibly 1000's of deserving family members to enjoy what Amy held dear, a smile with a breath of fresh air!


Together with generous donors and supporters, like you, we have been able to honor Amy in a way that we know would make her proud. And we as a small group of board members are very proud of everything B4K stands for and know we couldn't have done it without YOU!


So, what is this all about? It is about longevity, the love for the organization and for what it is and to keep it a 100% Volunteer Organization. We are a very small group internally here at Benefit4Kids. Most of us have been involved since it's beginning. We carried the burden proudly over the years and will do so until we can do no more. But we, as a board want this organization to grow. We want to reach more children because we have seen the effect a smile has on a child. We felt the energy a sick body achieves when it it can enjoy a peaceful moment in time. We want this to carry on, but it will not be able to if we don't get more people on board, so we can continue to utilize every penny for the kids and their families. It is very possible that if we are not able to bring a few more members on board, that we may have to hire an employee to help with not only growing, but merely sustaining the organization.


We need physical support. We need an active volunteer group led by an active Board of Directors. We are looking for able bodies and minds interested in helping support the efforts and mission of Benefit4Kids. Being involved can easily begin with attending one of our board meetings. We have at least 1 -2 physical board meetings a year along with several board meetings via Web Meeting and/or  phone conference. After attending, you may see where you can help.


We know people are out there. Good people with big hearts. We know, because we have seen you in action. We are pointing a finger directly at you with this newsletter! Yes, you. You with the tear in your eye and swollen heart when you see a child dealing with an issue beyond their control. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to help ease the pain? You can. We have events you can offer up your physical labor for a day. We have committees you can help with by leading efforts, like stuffing B4K promo bags for hand-outs we use a sport shows and events. You may also be that person that is needed to fill that empty chair at our board meetings as a board of director member.


If any of this is resonating with you. Please send an email to us at and let us connect with you! Help us keep the smiles alive. We need you and more importantly, the kids need you.


We would like to wish everyone a safe and action packed time enjoying all of this country's great outdoor offerings as we go forward in 2018.  Always remember, tomorrow is never guaranteed, learn to enjoy today. It's true because God said so!


Matthew 6:34  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.