Abigal Myslivecek’s

That last name may ring a bell for some who keep up with the kids we work with, as it should! Abigal Myslivecek is the sister of Daniel Myslivecek who went Elk Hunting in October of 2005 on his "wish" trip.

The Myslivecek family was dealt something we all fear of the kids we work with, of losing Daniel Melanoma just last summer. As if that wasn't bad enough. Thursday Night (4-5-07) B4K received a called from Daniels dad, Dean with another blow. Their 10-year old Daughter, Abigal, has been diagnosed recently with Apastic Anemia which is a rare condition where your body stops producing enough new blood cells, resulting in fatigue and leaving patients at much higher risks of infections and uncontrolled bleeding.
The good news in all this is that thanks to advances in treatments and medicines the positive outcome of this disease is very high!

Through a mutual friend, Abigal has been given a Turkey hunt in San Angelo TX with Jerry Golf (former Heavyweight Boxer) and Knockout Hunting Adventures, May 3rd-6th 2007. To make the story even better, Abigal has chosen to use a bow, which was given to Daniel shortly before his departure from us, but was never able to shoot because of his condition upon receiving the bow.

The only problem is the family can't afford the transportation costs to Texas and reluctantly Dean, contacted B4K asking for help. He hated to do it after everything we did for Daniel, but we reminded him that is why we are here! B4K has set up all the necessary travel arraignments and wish Abigal and the rest of the family the best! This hunt will also be filmed and featured on Jerry's "Knockout! Hunting Adventures" which airs on the MEN'S channel.

Dean called while still they were still down there telling me they had blast on the trip and wanted to let me know that Abigal was able to harvest a nice bird, with a bow, on film on Saturday May 5th! The ranch also worked out a deal to have the other 2 siblings hunt as well and everyone was successful!!!! Dean said the entire trip was great and memorable and the entire family was thankful for everything that has taken place in a combined effort with Kickapoo Outfitters and Benefit4Kids. He will be sending me pictures soon at which time I will post for everyone to see.

Dean also told me some good news about Abigal's condition. It seems that the treatment is working great and her blood cells counts are remaining up and there is an even more positive outlook now! Please keep Abigal and the entire Myslivecek family in your prayers, as they are not out of the woods yet.

Dean let us know that her hunt from earlier this month will air on the MEN'S Channel on Dish Network, on Memorial Day 2007! If you get the MEN's Channel look up "Knockout Hunting Adventures" with Jerry Goff on Memorial Day and you will see this young lady harvest her first turkey, using her brother, Daniel's, Bow! Congratulations Abigal on a nice bird!