Audra Thompson

Audra Thompson’s

Discovery Cove Outdoor Wish

6/6/17 to 6/13/17


First off, I thank you, with my whole heart, for the priceless memories your organization has provided us with! This trip was a first for us in many ways! It was the first time any of the kids had boarded a plane, the first time we were able to take a vacation, and the very first time Little Miss Audra was able to see the ocean and many of her favorite creatures up close! My family and I cannot truly express the gratitude we feel towards B4K for making it possible for us to take a family vacation!


Little Miss Audra has always expressed a love for dolphins and ocean life, so it was only natural for her to choose the Dolphin adventure for this trip! We began our trip with a spontaneous visit to Cocoa Beach! To say Audra was completely in awe of the ocean would be an understatement! She immediately began playing in the waves wearing her dress! Getting her to leave was quite the chore, but well worth it!


Throughout the week we visited Discovery Cove, Sea World (twice), Aquatica, and Bush Gardens! We also were able to go out to Clearwater FL where we spent the day on the beach! We visited Clearwater Marina to meet Hope and Winter from "Dolphin Tale" and followed this up with a dolphin boat tour. To say these experiences were amazing would be an understatement!


Audra was unable to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove, so while at Sea World we participated in a dolphin interaction where we had the chance to meet, touch, and give our dolphin, Griff, some commands! Audra's face lit up throughout the experience! She had so much fun, she even decided she wants to train dolphins and horses when she grows up!


When Audra tells people about her trip, she lights up! She talks about the dolphins, the whales, all her seashells from the beach, about how a ray bumped into her while in the Grand Reef at Discovery Cove! She will tell them that she "seriously freaked out"! She talks about being on the boat and seeing a mom and her baby dolphin, about riding on her very first big roller coaster with her sister and she talks about the gift shops! She definitely loved those gift shops! She will forever treasure the memories that B4K made possible! I will forever treasure the smiles and the happiness that I saw on her face the entire time!


Thank you again for what you have done for my family! We all hold your organization near and dear to our hearts!


With love from the Audra Thompson Family!       

Rodney, Rebecca, Erik, Joyce, Caleb, Reese, Ryder, and Little Miss Audra!!!