Benefit4Kids Awareness Partnership

Within one hundred miles of where you now sit reading this there is likely a child who due to a terminal illness or life-limiting disease will never realize their dream.  That dream may be to one day hear a mighty bull elk bugle, feel the pull of a fighting salmon or simply hear the quiet mournful sound of a loon.  Right now that child may be sitting and wondering why they never had that chance, the chance to live their outdoor wish.

That child and that child’s dream is why you’ve received this letter.  You’ve received it because we need your help to find that child before it’s too late. You’ve received it in the hope that together we can make that dream come true for them.  You’ve received this letter because no sick or dying child should ever have to settle for second best on their Outdoor Wish.

This isn’t about money, equipment or donated hunts and trips its about one simple thing, awareness or rather a lack of it.  That’s right a lack of awareness is the biggest enemy these kids face as their time to quickly passes.  It’s about the help to realize their dream that’s out there for them yet they do not know.  It’s about your help bringing a light to shine on these kids and bringing a smile to their face as they realize their dream.  It’s about a smile that can belong to you.

Benefit4Kids “Outdoor Wish Program” is there for these kids but spreading the word alone can be a slow and costly process.  Our “Outdoor Wish Program” is set up to help terminally ill and life-limited kids realize their outdoor dream whether it’s hunting, fishing, camping, wilderness horseback riding or any other of our wonderful outdoor activities.  Benefit4Kids needs your help to help these kids and we’re hoping you will join us in a partnership of sorts to bring awareness of our programs to these kids. 

We’d like you to consider naming Benefit4Kids your “Officially Recognized Outdoor Wish Granting Program”.  With that recognition if approved, we simply need from you a page spot in your regularly published magazine, newsletter and/or even your website.  This spot is for awareness only and will never be an advertisement nor will it ever request donations of any kind from anyone.  It will simply be a place to make more and more people aware of the programs we offer to these special kids.

What will it cost for you to make Benefit4Kids your “Officially Recognized Outdoor Wish Granting Program”?  It will cost you nothing, not one thin dime but it will buy you more than you could ever imagine.  That page spot will buy you the knowledge that you have helped a sick or dying child realize their dream.  It will buy for you a child’s smile and a family’s memories that will last them a lifetime.  It will purchase for you awareness in the non-outdoor community that outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen do more than just hunt and fish, they also work to help others.  This is something we’ve always known that is talked about far too little outside our own community.

If you would like more information about our Awareness Partnership and how you can help visit or call 877-B4K-KID0 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. Once again we’d like to ask you to consider making Benefit4Kids your “Officially Recognized Outdoor Wish Granting Program” and help us to help kids with the simple awareness spot shown below.

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