Brandon Statzula


15-year-old Brandon Statzula from Pennsylvania was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. Brandon is an avid hunter and football player for his high school team. Brandon's Outdoor Wish was to hunt for a big whitetail or mule deer buck. After talking things over with Brandon he decided on a mule deer hunt out west since he can and already hunts whitetails in his home state of PA.

 Brandon has applied to hunt Mule Deer in Colorado, but depending on the outcome of this draw, he may end up hunting Mule Deer in Montana. Either way Brandon will be hunting Mule deer this fall and we are even working on possibly getting this hunt filmed for Scent Loks hunting show! 

Brandon will be hunting his mule deer in the area of Montrose, Colorado. This hunt will take place in the last week of October and his hunt will be taped to be aired on Scent-Loks T.V. show “Wild Life Point Blank” with host Phil Phillips. There is a lot of thanks that need to go out for this hunt such as to Bill D. from the CO. Fish and Game Department also Phil Phillips and the land owner who supplied us with a tag, Kurt Sanburg.

With scheduling conflicts and treatments, this hunt has been pushed back a week or so but still full steam ahead. Brandon turns 16, November 3rd and after making his parents worse nightmare come true.... getting his drivers license...Brandon and his dad will be flying out November 4th, 2005 for Montrose Colorado to live his dream. As mentioned above, he will be hunting November 5th through the 11th, with Phil Phillips for a much dreamed about Mule Deer, all while making his first TV appearance on Wildlife Pointe Blank, as this hunt will be filmed for that show.

Brandon had a great trip to Colorado to say the least and couldn't be any happier right now. Once he and his dad Chris arrived in Colorado, they were met by Phil Phillips (Host on Scent Loc's "Wildlife Point Blank" on the Outdoor Channel) and his film crew. This entire hunt was taped and will be played on the Outdoor Channel sometime in May/June time frame.

The first morning while searching for Mule Deer, they came across a small group of Elk which contained a nice 5x5 Elk. As a bonus, Benefit4Kids gave Brandon an Elk tag with help from the Colorado Divison of Wildlife. Placing himself into a comfortable position, Brandon was able to place a great shot on this trophy and made the shot count, and it was only the first day of a 5-day hunt!

After getting the Elk out of the mountains and taking care of everything, Brandon was pretty wore out from all his chemo and took the next day off, but that didn't stop him. The following day he bounced right back up and on the 3rd day of the hunt, they traveled to Phil's property where he stalked a beautiful 4x4 Mule deer! After a short stalk and getting the cameraman into position, Brandon made yet another great shot and dropped his dream animal in its tracks!

3 days and Brandon's dream was complete, with the help of many. A big thank you goes out to Phil Phillips, Kurt Sanburg, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and all of you who support Benefit4kids to make Brandon's dream a reality!!!

 Watch Brandon's hunt and experience his "Outdoor Wish" first hand with Phil Phillips on "Wildlife Point Blank" on the Outdoor Channel during the week of September 18th 2006!

The Outdoor Channel will be showing both of Brandon's hunts from last fall, this week on the show and you will have 3 chances to watch it as the show is aired three times a week: Tuesday @ 10:00am, Thursday's @ 3:00am and Sundays @ 1:00pm (all times are EST).