Chase Crews


Chase Crews is a 9 year old boy from Georgia suffering from a brain tumor. More than anything Chase wanted to go bear hunting. Due to his illness and his small size Chase's best bet to hunt bears was with a crossbow. Thanks to a whole bunch of very special people from the Excalibur website and the folks at Excalibur themselves Chase's dream came true. Chase went bear hunting with all around great guy Lance Coleman in the mountains of Northern Georgia. Although Chase didn't get a bear Lance and Chase aren't done yet. Lance plans to take Chase back out hunting until they finally put a tag on a wily bruin to complete Chase's Outdoor Wish.

From Lance September 13th
Hunted this morning and this evening to no avail.

But he's there people. I'm tellin ya he's there. No if's and or buts about it big shaggy is there. But he's not there when I need him there (Guess that’s why they call it hunting)

I turn the rocks over Wednesday? they're turned back over Friday evening. I turn them BACK over Fri. evening. They're turned back upside down this morning. (big rocks too) He's grubbin and eatin bugs along with a bit of browse. And I think he's doing it at night. Judging from his sign he's no rookie at this. Looks like he's been at it for a few years. This aint no little bear. and he aint get to where he is by bein stupid (and to be honest I would have welcomed a stupid one!)

Chase's Dad Made it up this weekend and the blind is tiny. So I've took my treestand along and Let Chase and his Dad have the blind. I'm perched 15 feet up a red oak above them with a window in the blind turned to where I can peek in and they can see me if I motion one's coming (I have a real good vantage point perched up there above them) I know if it was my kid, I would want to be the one in the blind helping my kid make the shot on a bear. So I sure am happy he's here.

There's a frontal system moving in tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow mornings our last chance (Chase has appointments in Atlanta Monday and Surgery Tuesday) So lets all hope this front changes big shaggy's daily (or nightly) routine.

gotta get some rest. 4 am comes early.

From Lance September 15th
Well.. we tried. But like I said. when I need a lil 150 pound 2 yr old dummy I get a big fat pro. This ol boy had already turned nocturnal.

But we aint finished with him yet. If Chase has his strength up enough once the leaves fall off the trees and we can glass em a bit we're gonna try again. If he doesn't?? We're gonna get him next year. Either way that boy's gonna getta bear.