Christian Aders

9-year-old Christian suffers from Spina Bifida and has also lost the sight in one eye. Although he could easily give up and spend his life housebound in a wheelchair Christian won't let that happen. Christian says if he had good legs he would want to hunt whatever he could.

Benefit4Kids sent Christian hunting with Bluff Creek Ranch just north of Austin TX. Although they have about 8 different exotic animals he could hunt for he likes the picture of the 4-horned ram and that is what he went after!

A huge thank you goes out to Bluff Creek Ranch for helping Benefit4Kids with this young mans Wish. You can check out their operation at

Christian arrived at the ranch with anticipation and excitement building as the first day of hunting came slowly for this young man. Wednesday morning, Christian wasn't even out hunting but a few hours and saw a real nice hog he wanted to take. Benefit4Kids threw in the hog as a bonus for Christian, and he jumped at the opportunity. Thanks to board member, Jim Reifert, Christian was not only able to surprise everyone and hold the gun by himself, but with the aid of Jim's Laser sight he sent down for Christian to use, Christian was able to pull the trigger HIMSELF and harvest his first wild boar with only 1 shot!!!! Before this hunt took place, we were told someone would have to help Christian hold the gun, and probably pull the trigger for him.

Bluff Creek sprung a surprise on everyone and set up a special pig roast in Christians honor with his first hog! The smile on this kids face was from ear to ear and while talking to his grandmother on the phone, she hardly understood a word he said because he was talking a mile a minute from excitement!!

Later that week, Christian was once again able to pull off something nobody thought he could do once again, and that was live his dream of shooting a 4 horned ram.... ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!!! I don't have all the details on this story, but do know enough to put a huge smile on my face and warm feeling inside my heart knowing another less fortunate child was able to live their dream because of people like you who are the ones that gives Benefit4Kids the ability to make dreams like this come true!

A huge Thank You goes out to Bluff Creek Ranch who donated this hunt for Christian, and our Nationwide States Director Jason Miller for his help and information in helping Christian live his dream!