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These pictures are brought to you through the hard work of April Pray and Kate Belfy who spent many hours on this book for you.  While Kate who is our “Benefit4Kids Artist for 2000” was busy drawing these beautiful pictures April was hard at work gathering animal facts to add to them. Our Benefit4Kids coloring book is here for your enjoyment.  Please feel free to have Mom or Dad print these pictures for your personal use only.  Kate and April wanted to give to you something that you could not only enjoy working with but something you could also learn from.  We feel with this book they have accomplished that.  Enjoy. 

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Copyright: These pictures are the property of Kate Belfy and Benefit4kids.They may not be used for anything other than the purpose stated here without the expressed written permission of Kate Belfy and Benefit4Kids.  They are to be used solely for the personal enjoyment of those visiting this site and may not be copied or sold. 

Bear Caribou Elk Mountain Goat
Bear2.jpg (156631 bytes) Caribou2.jpg (170192 bytes) Elk2.jpg (164946 bytes) Goat2.jpg (68266 bytes)

Wild Boar Moose Mule Deer Antelope
Hawg2.jpg (164031 bytes) Moose2.jpg (150703 bytes) Muledeer2.jpg (146532 bytes) Pronghorn2.jpg (127397 bytes)

Bighorn Sheep Wild Turkey Whitetail Deer Zebra
Sheep2.jpg (78485 bytes) Turkey2.jpg (207276 bytes) Whitetail2.jpg (206400 bytes) Zebra2.jpg (190751 bytes)