Jordan Anthony


My Bear Hunt

By Jordan Anthony

             First of all, I wish to thank all of those who made it possible for me to go to Canada for my Bear Hunt.  That would be S.C.I. for sponsoring my Wish Hunt.  Also, those at Benefit4Kids, Jason and Al.  I appreciate everyone who supported me. 

            This trip was very special to me.  A truly once in a lifetime experience!  I loved taking a road trip with my Dad.  We enjoyed being together and the different things we got to see.  We had a lot of fun!  It was a special time that we will always remember.

             We arrived at Henderson’s Bear Camp and were very excited to shoot a bear.  The weather was perfect for bear hunting and on the first day we saw a bear come in but we didn’t shoot because we were told to wait unit the bear was on the bait and comfortable, the bear came in broadside twice but we were waiting to let it get on the bait.  It finally did but didn’t stay there long enough to get a shot, disappointing to say the least.  The weather went south on us and it became non bear hunting weather and we didn’t see another bear for the rest of the hunt.

             We went everyday after that hoping to see a bear but it didn’t happen.  That’s hunting they were hitting the baits every night after we left but never came in while we were there.

             We had a lot of fun in the main cabin eating and joking around, also meeting people for the first time.  The food was awesome.  Henderson’s Camp really tried to have me get a bear and I appreciate that.

             I thank God for the opportunity and I will remember the time I had in New Brunswick woods with my dad.