On this page you'll find the list of just a few of the kids Benefit4Kids has been able to help through our Outdoor Wish program. Our sincerest thanks goes out to so many people whose generous support has helped us help so many kids. Click on the links below to read about Granted, Current, and Upcoming Outdoor Wishes.


Current Outdoor Wish Kids 

Suji Durci from MI - Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

Kyle Harris from MI - Brown Bear Hunting Adventure
Eric Bean from NH - Dolphin Swimming Adventure
Selena Baker from NC - Horseback Riding Adventure through Yellowstone National Park
Jonathan Welscott from MI - Dolphin Swimming Adventure
Alex Welscott from MI - Southern Deep Sea Fishing Adventure
Devin Niemiec from MI - Dolphin Swimming Adventure
Granted Outdoor Wishes 2010
Emma Stawicki from MI - Dolphin Swimming Adventure
Gage Wallis from MI - Dolphin Swimming Adventure
Granted Outdoor Wishes 2009
Kaitlyn Hadden from OH - Dolphin Swimming Adventure
LeeAnn Magnan from MI - Riverboat Fishing Trip
Alanna Hendrix from MI - Dolphin Interactive Experience
Hunter Rogers from TN - Dolphin Interactive Experience
Tanner Lindberg from IL - Western Elk Hunting Adventure
Tony Bonofiglo from MI - Dolphin Swimming Adventure
John Neville from MI - Dolphin Swimming Adventure

Dalton Smith from IL
White Water Rafting Adventure

Kevin Hertz from MI
Alaskan Salmon Fishing Adventure

Daric Rupp Jr. from NY
Western Antelope Hunting Adventure

Tanya Strong from CA
Falconing and/or Camping Experience

Granted Outdoor Wishes 2008

Jacob Campo from FL - Western Cowboy Lifestyle Experience


Joseph Dauer
Buffalo Hunt

Whitney Jacobs
Florida Dolphin Experience

Nicholas Wallace from FL
Alaska Salmon Fishing Adventure
with Steve McNair

Douglas Lovell
Black Bear Hunting Adventure

Jordan Anthony from MI
Canada Bear Hunt

Mathew Cobbett from MI
Western Elk Hunt

Tyler Allanson from VA
Whitetail Hunting Adventure

Douglass Dobbs from MI
Florida Dolphin Swimming Adventure

Courtney Johnson from MI
Florida Dolphin Swimming Adventure



Granted Outdoor Wishes 2007

Cory Lovett - Florida Deep Sea Fishing Trip
Josh Whited - Alaska Fishing Adventure

Timothy Larson
Fishing Trip with Jimmy Houston

Kayla Vanvalkenburgh - Florida
Dolphin Experience/Fishing Trip

Abigal Myslivecek
Texas Turkey Hunt

Brandan Gary
Missouri Elk Hunt

Andy Daoust
Black Buck Hunt

Lisa Page
Colorado Elk Hunt

Shannon Shaw
California House Boat Adventure



Granted Outdoor Wishes 2006

Tim O'Boyle - Northern Michigan Whitetail Hunt

Justin Bradford
Texas Exotic Hunt

Evan Fridley
Red Stag Hunt

Lauren Chisholm
Kentucky Houseboat Fishing Trip

Greg Kornacki
Texas Buffalo Hunt

Ryan Markland
New Jersey Deep Sea Fishing Trip


Granted Outdoor Wishes 2005

Lyle Garvey


Jerry Stevens Jr.
Red Stag Hunt

Michael Frame
Alaskan Caribou Hunt

Daniel Myslivecek
Colorado Big Game Hunt

Brandon Statzula
Colorado hunt with Phil Phillips

Christian Aders
Texas Exotic Game Hunt

Lane Duckworth
Northern MI Black Bear Hunt


Granted Wishes  

Steven Butt


Justin Hermansen
Northern MI Whitetail Hunt

Caleb Laxton
Whitetail Hunt

Jordan Jager
Whitetail Hunt

Keith Tatum
Whitetail Hunt

Chase Crews
Black Bear Hunt

Justin and Wesley Tucker
New Mexico Camping Adventure


Bridger Card
Alaskan Salmon Fishing Adventure

Eric Peterson
Northern MI Elk Hunt

Cody Adkins
Texas Exotic Game Hunt

John Braschayko
Wisconsin Deer Hunt

Mark Austin
Buffalo Hunt

Mark Golden
Wisconsin Whitetail Hunt

William Linton
Colorado Elk Hunt

Austin Chuhak
Fishing Adventure

Josh Kittle
Hog Hunting with Ted Nugent

James Heyboer
Wild Boar Hunt