Lyle Garvey

16-Year-Old Lyle Garvey from Pensyvania who suffers from an inoperable brain tumor will be heading to Colorado in his quest for a big Bull Elk. He'll be hunting with an outfitter who has helped B4K in the past and I have no doubt he'll have numerous chances to realize his dream of harvesting a nice bull.

Sponsoring Lyle in his dream of taking a Colorado Elk with his RECURVE BOW is the guys and gals from the Michigan Traditional Bowhunters group.

Steve and I recently attended their banquet in Holland MI and were taken back by the tremendous support and donations from them!! From a gathering of about 80 people that night, these people opened their hearts and wallets to Benefit4Kids and helped raised more than enough funds to send Lyle on his wish hunt this fall!!

I would like to personally thank the members and board of directors of the Michigan Traditionals Bowhunters organization and look forward to a long a rewarding relationship with Benefit4Kids!!

Look for an upcoming article in the Michigan Traditional Bowhunters publication about Lyle's hunt also. Specific details are still being worked out and we will let you know where Lyle will be hunting as soon as those details are available

Lyle is like no kid we have ever granted a wish to before, between wanting to hunt Elk with his recurve (knowing his chances are very slim) and now wanting a combination camping/hunting trip. You see Lyle doesn't really want to go through an outfitter, but would rather go hunting with Benfit4Kids board member Jim Reifert! Jim heads to South West Colorado every fall for a month elk hunting (must be nice eh), and so Lyle and his dad will be joining Jim for a week chasing Elk through the Mountains of South West Colorado in mid to late September!

Lyle and his dad will be making the trip from PA on Thursday the 15th, to Colorado where they will meet up with Steve Pray, John McIntosh, Jim Reifert, and many others on a very special Elk hunting trip! This trip is going to be very special and one to keep checking on as I will hopefully be doing a semi live update throughout the trip, as I get updates from Colorado throughout the week! Good luck everyone, especially you Lyle! Show them old guys how it's done bud!

Despite many hard efforts and close calls, Lyle wasn't able to connect with a Colorado Elk, but had a blast chasing them throughout the mountains and being in camp with many great guys for a week! Many elk were sighted and called in including one Jim called in, a record book 7x7 one afternoon, but as luck would have it.... the opportunity just never presented it's self to Lyle!

Upon leaving camp, Lyle and his dad talked about what a great time they had even though they were going home without a trophy, because the memories and experience would last them a lifetime!

Thank you to the Michigan Traditional Bowhunters organization for your support and in sponsoring this trip! It's because of people and organizations like yourself that we are able to continue putting the smiles on the faces of these kids!