Ryan Markland


10 Year Old Ryan Markland from Livonia MI suffers from Friedreich's Ataxia Hyper-trophic Cardiomyopathy which is a form of Muscular Dystrophy. Ryan is progressively getting worse and has numerous doctor visits this month and next to determine the best solution, which will probably include placing a rod along side his back to aid his spine, in the next few months. Ryan is somewhat mobile yet, but his mom tells me that things don't look good in the near future and Ryan will more than likely become permanently wheel chair bound by this time next year. Currently doctors are worried about his heart also.

Ryan LOVES to fish and wants to go Deep Sea Fishing! Sometimes things just happen for a reason and shortly before meeting Ryan, Benefit4Kids received an email from a Captain Brian Cristy from Cope May, New Jersey offering up a deep sea fishing trip! Plans are still being made as I type this, but we will probably be sending Ryan and his family to New Jersey sometime in mid May to fish for Stripers and Drum. Then they will spend a day at Baures Preserve, which is a private fishing pond not very far from Cape May, fishing for a variety of fish! 

Just as they always do, this trip is coming together just great! Ryan and his family will be flying out of Detroit on May 15th and headed for Philly, where they pick up there rental car and make the drive to Ocean City, New Jersey. There they will meet with Captain Brian Christy as he shows them his Beach House in Ocean City where Ryan and his family will be spending the week!

They will be Deep Sea Fishing for Drum and Stripers, along with taking a trip to Baures Pond, which is a stock fishing pond to enjoy another day of what Ryan LOVES to do.... FISH!!! Throughout the week, they will be sight seeing around the Ocean City New Jersey area, visiting a local Zoo, relaxing in the sun and sand, and reeling in trophy Drum, Stripers, Striped Bass, Trout, etc!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Captain Brian Christy who has went above and beyond the call of duty by donating not only his fishing trip and beach house, but also gathering up donations and support from local businesses to take care of the family while they are there! He is in the middle of getting a website made up, but when he does I will post it for everyone to see just what kind of people help us out and believe in what we do! Thank you Brian for your Donation and kindness to helping Ryan realize live his dream!!! 

A few final plans are left to be made but the trip is set and May 15th - 19th 2006 will find yet another Wish Kid living their Dream because of our generous supporters like yourself!

 Well after a short plane delay due to weather this morning, Ryan and his family are safely in Ocean City New Jersey getting ready to live his dream of going Deep Sea Fishing!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Captain Brian Christy for helping us out so much with this trip! Captain Brian is going to be taking Ryan and his mom out to sea tomorrow morning fishing for Stripers and Drum, and Brian tells me the big fish are in and hungry! Ryan will also be fishing at Bauer’s Pond, a locally owned stocked fishing pond this week, thanks to Joe Bauer. The family will also be taking in the sights of the NJ coast, while staying in Captain Brian's Beach house all weekend and also visiting a local zoo and aquarium!

Late last night the phone rings and on the other end is a very happy and tired Captain Brain Christy of FreeSpool Fishing Charters. Captain Brian was finally on his way home after dropping Ryan and his mom off at the beach house after a fun filled, and VERY SUCCESSFUL day in the Delaware Bay Deep Sea Fishing! Brian said everything was a complete success and some of the biggest fish he's seen come into a boat in a long time were landed yesterday after Ryan fought them till they gave up! Stripers ranged from 26 - 32 Pounds and Ryan had a smile on his face the entire time!!! The action never stopped and numerous fish were caught.

The family was going to travel to a local zoo today, sight see around Ocean City New Jersey and enjoy the day together, then tomorrow they are off fishing again either back onto Captain Brian’s boat as a surprise to try their luck at Flounder fishing, or over to Bauer’s Pond, which is a local stocked pond with all kinds of fish for Ryan to catch all day long!

Ryan and his family had a great time and couldn't stop thanking us for everything we did. This trip wouldn't have been possible without the help of Captain Brian Christy of Free Spool SportFishing! He is the one who deserves all the credit for making Ryan's dream come true by taking Ryan and his family fishing, allowing them to stay at his beach house, taking time out of his day to gather community support in the Cape May NJ area by gathering gift certificates from local restaurants so the family could eat free, etc. It is because of guys like Captain Brian, and all of you that support us 100%, we are able to put the smiles on the faces of these kids such as you see on Ryan's face below! 

On a sad note, Ryan is going through a real rough time right now, as he does each summer from what I understand. Doctors can't figure it out and Ryan gets real sick to his stomach, can't hold any food down, and gets very dehydrated. Ryan has been in and out of the hospital since he got back from NJ and could really use everyone's prayers right now. He also faces a risky surgery soon to allow him to sit upright which is needed to reduce stress and trouble with his heart! Please keep Ryan in your prayers!