Well my head is still spinning, my emotions still out of whack and my monitor still gets blurry every now and then as I think about this last weekend. I wanted to stop in and take a minute to thank you all for one of the best B4K weekends ever.

The first thing I would like to do is to thank everyone for their support of B4K over the years. This years shoot turned out to be one of the best ever. I know it will be hard to top but I also know that it will be. I can't list everyone's name here who I need to thank because if I did it would probably overload the Internet. I also don't want to leave out anyone and with so many doing so much no doubt I would. Suffice it to say that from the depths of our souls and the bottom of our hearts, Thank You all so much for helping us, help kids.

We tried some new things this year to do even more to get kids involved in the outdoors. Although it needs some tweaking I believe that over the next few years, with your help the B4K Outdoor Weekend will become one of if not the premier outdoor event designed to help kids.

There were just so many special moments it's hard for me to put it into words right now. There were our Outdoor Wish kids, Michael, Lane and Mark, the cabinet Hugo built, the log dedication, lot's of MoJo and many very special Dream Arrows. There were the smiles of kids and the tears of adults. There were tears of rememberence and tears of joy and lots of hugs both big and small throughout the weekend.

Even though we had $3000 less this year in target sponsorships we still beat last years total of $18,000. It's because of the generousity and caring of so many of you here that we were able to do that. Please know that the smiles we put on the faces of kids belong to all of you. It is what you do that makes what we do possible. Once again Thank You all and may all of your quivers be full and the winds in your face, God Bless.

Steve Pray
President, Benefit4Kids

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