Timothy Larson

The following words are from Diane Larson posted on a care page of which allows family and friends to keep continuous updates on Timmy’s condition. This website is updated as much as Diane can get on and update it while staying at the Ronald McDonald House while Timmy is going through treatments. Timmy is still going through numerous medical battles months after this dream fishing trip with Jimmy Houston. Within the past couple months, Jimmy Houston’s wife, Chris, has traveled to MI to visit Timmy in the hospital and told him when he beats the cancer that battles with him, he and his family are invited back down to Okalahoma to once again go fishing with Jimmy! Timmy is looking forward to this trip to say the least! Please keep Timmy and his family in your prayers as he has a long ways to go…..

We had a great trip! Thanks to Benefit4Kids (B4K.org) Jimmy Houston and the Bass Pro shop, Timmy was treated like a little king. He had a lot of fun! We spent one night in the Arbuckle Mountains at a cabin, which was a great outdoor experience. There was 77 foot waterfalls that you could swim by, mountains to climb and caves to explore. I had some great pics from there but somehow lost them on my camera. Timmy was happy because he got to go Rocky Mountain climbing like in his Tim McGraw song. The day spent at Jimmy’s Ranch was another wonderful experience. Timmy got to see lots of deer, elk, a snake and most importantly a lot of FISH!! Jimmy fishes barbless at his lake so sad to say Timmy never got one on his pole, but reeled in many BIG BASS!! He was very happy, but without the barb the fish don't get stuck on there very easy you really have to be paying attention and set the hook. Big Tim caught quite a few Bass the average size was about 5 pounds. I fished all day and only caught one crappie and a lot of snags. That day was definitely a day we will all remember forever! Mrs. Houston told Timmy to fight his cancer and win and he can come back and fish some more so he has another reason to in his words "beat up this cancer." The Houston’s called the Bass Pro shop in Okalahoma City and they gave Timmy the VIP treatment. He got a whole new wardrobe, a luggage case for his pole so he could take it on the plane, and some other goodies he wanted. They fed the fish for him and he got to play all of the shooting games for free and just do and get what he wanted. It was pretty cool! He also did some swimming, putt putting, and go cart riding. It was an all about Timmy week and it was fun for all!!

Lots of Love to all of you,
The Timmy Larson Family